Travel diaries: Monte Carlo


It's getting cold in South Africa so let's escape for a second. I wanted to share some more photos from my trip to Monaco. This affluent anomaly of a country is a gem of a place. I was always scared of venturing anywhere that French is spoken because I talk like a yankee. In fact, a few years ago when I arrived in Toronto, a very friendly guy speaking fluent French offered to help me with my bags. I froze, stared at him with wide eyes and completely (and irrationally) freaked out, thinking for a millisecond that I'd somehow ended up in France and that this man was going to whack me with a baguette for speaking English. Au contraire.

I've never been to France but I have to report that their neighbours in the Principality are extremely polite. They all say "pardon" as they pass, are generous with smiles and patient with tourists...when the young local handed me a bottled water and told me to "have a nice day", I thought, yes. Yes I will have a nice day Pierre. Then I proceeded to eat french fries.

In all seriousness, Monte Carlo is beautiful. Everything looks fresh and clean. The birds are very accustomed to people but there's nary a pigeon in sight, only enormous seagulls which can take on my sausage dog in a fight. I went to the Prince's Palace and admired the super fly traditional guards' uniforms then checked out the church where Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier before heading to the famed Casino de Monte-Carlo. There are beautiful photographs documenting Grace Kelly's life all around Monte Carlo.

Speaking of glamour, everyone dresses so meticulously by donning designer suits and perfectly styled hair in the heat. Men in luxury sports cars slam on the breaks just to glance at women but no matter, they didn't delay the ambulance that quickly arrived to assist a lady who had fainted on my tour. Check out my experiences in the gorgeous photos below.

Where in the world would you love to visit?

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