Hearts wild


Hat - Cotton On
Crop Top - The Lot
Cardigan - The Lot
Necklace - The Lot
Earrings - Call It Spring
Pants - Topshop
Boots- The Lot
Nails - Candice at Dante Express

Fuck Photoshop. You want a real girl, you got one. Pizza belly with messy hair 4 life, hibernating for the winter decked out in The Lot. I fell in love with a poker player who has charm in spades and I've been gambling my money on a severe nail art addiction. No intervention will stop this junkie. Cape Town is slow magic dressed in gloomy weather and city lights. I'm dreaming of nights in drinking Amarula and getting cosy in front of the heater but that'll have to wait. While bitches watch bitches, I be getting shit done. Walking my own way in my bad boots for a bigger prize than dinero. I'll be hiding in my hat before the big finale. It ain't over till this phat lady sings.

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