Winter wander


Faux fur coat - Forever New
Lace dress - Triple Seven
Dog collar - Hot Topic
Dolphin necklace - Vintage
Cross ring - Sass Diva
Bag - Chanel
Shoes - Vintage
Nails - Dante Express

Ooh baby it's cold outside, best get your coat and silly shoes. You'll trip anyway and find bruises to kiss your legs. Don’t regret the things you did when your soul was on fire, be sorry for the things you missed 'cause your mind cooled it off. The rain smells like ghosts and the streets of New York; alone and surrounded all at once. I'll wear my graduation dress to go buy cigarettes and I'll still pretend it's summer even in the face of what looks like snow. Forget everything you know, Christmas in July awaits us. All hail Cape Town.

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