I'm feeling alive


Outfit and necklaces - Woolworths RE:Jeans
Thigh harnesses - Eye 4 Eye
Heels - Louboutin 

"I want to live where soul meets body and let the sun wrap its arms around me. Bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing and feel, feel what its like to be new."
Stop existing, start living. Chase moments that make you feel most alive. I want to catch my breath and feel my heart beat. No lipstick so I can kiss you. Tiptoe on the edge of a diving board in high heels. Gasping when we lean over city balconies. I'm alive and the world is mine because my eyes are wide open and my stomach is home to butterflies. 

Yesterday I was a zombie but today I'm free and nothing feels numb when the breeze tickles my skin or the rain dances around me. Feel and feel fully, stunned sober with wonder, taking it all in, this beautiful world. So much to read, so much to hear, so much to see; it's never enough. I'm feeling alive with wild abandon and when the sun goes down, I'll twirl around knowing that there'll be a brand new day and I'll be staying up to see that sunrise. Thank you RE:Jeans for turning my slogan into a tee that's me! 

What do you Re:Represent?

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