Total hate 88


Top - Topshop 
Tutu - American Vintage 
Star skirt underneath - Patricia Field 
Sunglasses - Zara
Earrings - Call It Spring
DIY Bitches Be Trippin bracelet - Sass Diva 
Epic Fail bracelet - Topshop 
Cross ring - Sass Diva
Nails - Candice at Dante Express
Shoes - Aldo

The sun has been hating on winter and that's just fine with me. It's a new day and I'm a new girl with a new life. Wake up where you wanna be. I still have body lotion from when we used to date but I'm not that person anymore. Everything must go. The more gone, the more I become who I'm meant to be. Spring cleaning before September 'cause life doesn't wait for seasons. 

Wearing a tutu and spinning around in the sun before running errands amidst as many smiles as skeefs. What's important is that my dachshund seemed to like it. I'll eat up dirty looks and death stares for breakfast. Once, a girl remarked to her friend, in Russian, that my shoes were stupid. I responded ("Aah, Дура? спасибо.") thank you. As long as it's not boring. I see dressing up as a game and I want to invent a new person every day. Don't look for approval, you don't need it. Your heart knows what's right for you. Count on nastiness and learn as many languages as you can but whatever you do baby, don't let the haters kill your vibe.

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