Nail Obsessions


Nail Candi nail jewels and accessories.

Yay! Finally an awesome local brand that has an array of nail rings and jewels for you to go mad with. As of writing this, my bow has lasted almost 2 weeks already (I think you can tell by the exposed cuticle hehe) and it's re-useable so you really get your money's worth. After applying a jewel with nail glue, add a clear top coat to secure it. Voila, fun nail bling! Super kawaii. Check out the selection at to order.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

I was so excited to try these that I had to stop myself from buying them all. The two-in-one product comes with a chic nail varnish and a complimentary iridescent topcoat. In this case I just tried out the confetti topcoats and one of my favorites was 220 - Milky Way, seen on my pinkies. The shiny particles are multicoloured and I found it the densest with glitz. 210 - Galactic is also a winner for blue shimmer. Since I did a few dips, I was worried that it would dry slowly and be super goopy but it dried quick; I didn't have that problem so many other glitter polishes gave me where they never seemed to set. You can find them at any Clicks now, with a recommended selling price of R89,95.

Candi the manicurist! 

Candice Watson at Cape Town's Dante Express is a genius. She's hands down (excuse the pun), the best nail artist in Cape Town and I swear by her. Her mini masterpieces last the two week recommended time between manicures and in one case when I couldn't see her, they were still perfect by week three! Candice is open to ideas but I leave a lot of them to her because girl knows what she's skilled with. Nail art works best with fakes because there's more space to work with so I have acrylics on at the moment. Book an appointment with her at this number 021 433 0798 and ask for a nail art manicure with Candice. Check out my instagram to see all of her creations.

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