Toni & Guy Product Review


So here's the deal, I've changed my hair a lot in the past 6 months. I've been experimenting like crazy; I went from double bleaching and toning to dip dying the ends blue and now I'm trying to re-create Gwen Stefani circa 1999 by going all pink. I started taking more risks because I found out that I was living a lie. So many professionals told me that I couldn't play around because I would wreck my hair. Well that's no fun. I'm here to tell you that it's all about the right products and after care! Since my hair is super fine, I've been paying a lot more attention to keeping my locks loved up because when your hair looks good, you look good.

I was called up and asked to review some products honestly. Brands usually send free stuff along and pretty much freak out if you don't like your experience but Toni & Guy were very straight with me. "Yo, we like your hair it's totally Gwen. Wanna review some items? Be honest. We can take it." Ok I made up the stuff about Gwen but long story short, I was in. Enter my knight in shining shampoo bottles.

So T&G have this great Hair Meet Wardrobe concept going on where they offer products tailored for specific looks: Casual, Classic, Glamour and Creative. First I gave my hair a wash and condition with their Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged Hair and then I put my blowdryer on it for five minutes. Once my hair was dry, I applied some of the Classic Shine Gloss Serum through my lengths and ends. Flyaways tamed? Check. Shine? Check. I seriously wasn't expecting such a good hair day, it looked like I'd spent ages straightening my hair and it felt healthy. Nice one T&G. 

Next I tried out the the Leave In Conditioner on damp hair. I've never actually used leave in conditioner when I'm going to leave the house so I was weary but this was just what the doctor ordered. When my hair was dry, the only flyaways I had were at my roots because I couldn't put it there.

I then tried the Glamour Serum Drops. It's denser than the Shine Gloss Serum and I applied it the same way. My dry hair lapped it up and looked super shiny and dare I say, thick?! I'm sure that was more to the credit of the Leave In Conditioner but nevertheless, yay! This one is more reflective than the first, I'd use it for a sequins and glitter kind of night. 

Finally one of my favorite products is the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. When I leave my hair unwashed or I'm having a bit of a frizz and flyaway party I like to spritz on the spray, twist and scrunch my hair a bit and voila - beachy tousled look. Rawr. I generally only use it with dirty hair because I find that it holds the style easier however, if you spray it on damp hair, twirl it and leave it to air dry, you'll get more waves. I've tried other sea salt sprays and they felt heavy but this one gave me that just right piecey look I love from when you've been dancing all night.

There's a solution for every kind of hair mood swing and that's my kind of beauty product. I've become addicted to treating my locks with the right stuff. P.S. Hairdryer wasn't sent to me. I bought it a few years ago but thought it would be fun for the pics.

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