Topshop's The Craft


This month, Topshop brings us fashion inspired from the 90s cult classic The Craft. It's time to cast spells and play tricks while looking chic; we're pulling our sunglasses down to inform the world, "We are the weirdos, mister".  

My friend Stacy and I were obsessed with the movie when we were kids and told everyone at school that we were witches. We were two 9-year-olds who'd just moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg and we bonded over our shared similarities like playing violin and subsequently getting into trouble for forgetting them on the day of our exam. I think Stacy actually remembered hers but she covered for me by not bringing it to class.

Stacy moved back to Joburg and I miss her every day but when she called me a week ago and I watched the sun go down from the car window while holding the hand of one of the boys I'd told I was a witch in primary school, I knew that magic still existed. It never went away. 

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