FEDISA Markham Menswear Day



Last week I checked out the FEDISA Markham Menswear Fashion Flash and it was such a treat. Markham's provided a brief to the college and students were then assembled into dynamic teams and asked to choose from one of four themes: Nautical, Tribe, Bleached Beach and Jungle. After collaborating on designs, moodboards, sketches and fabric choices together, each student then made a garment which would make up the range for each team. I saw a lot of nautical at fashion week and to be honest, was getting tired of this trend being perennially pushed. Enter young creatives for a breath of fresh sea air! Thank you for helping me to enjoy maritime threads again, FEDISA. 

Tie dye and pastels were gorgeous, denim was crisp, prints were exciting and the details were amazing. From newspaper print textiles lining jackets to creative patch pockets....details slay me. Let's not even get into accessories because the bags were a delight. It's the small things sometimes; the extras that really anchor a look. Each student also created more avant garde pieces to echo their concept featuring self-made prints, macramé and re-fabrication. The texture in those outfits were amazing. I loved so many of the garments that I wanted to share every single one so do check out Facebook for more. It's refreshing to see students focus heavily on menswear ergo I'm proud of this institution for offering such a comprehensive fashion education. Raya and I dreamed of returning there to study at their beautiful campus. Well done to the students for their impeccable work. Another feather in your cap, FEDISA.

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