Raven at Tiffany's


 Earrings - Sass Diva
Dress - Topshop
Gloves - Forever New 
Wedges - Zoom
Nails - Dante Express

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak September. She told me I wore a lot of black and I told her she wore a lot of white. She was tanned and ready to get married, I was pale and tired of funerals. There was nothing more to say so we sat there and I stubbornly tried to think of anything but him.

Later, I sat by the mirror, conflicted. I stubbornly painted on tar black lips to keep me silent which reminded me that I'd tried to be a ghost once but I wasn't any good. A black cat ran across my path while I was driving to his house at midnight. I would tell him something to fix it all, maybe. See, I'm a girl who runs. After a while though, now matter where you run, you end up running into yourself. On that cold night, I felt like buying some furniture and giving the cat a name. I knew what I would say.

Haunting words once spoken and bloody nails now broken won't change who I adore. This I promise, forevermore.

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