Hat - Cotton On
Top - Country Road
Jacket - Truworths
Necklace - YDE
Ring - Sass Diva
Gloves - Vintage
Pants - Woolworths
Boots - Zoom

I want to go on an adventure. Layer up in everything I can find in my closet and just drive until we find a new place to lay our heads. On the road, our vision is crystal clear. The music drowns out everything that ever was and we lift our arms up high and scream. We belong to nobody and we want to go everywhere. We'll figure out our next move over bubblegum milkshakes, smacking lipstick kisses on receipts and leaving huge tips.

Finally we'll get to a hotel and strip off into bikinis in search of hot springs. We jump into the pools and hide champagne and whiskey bottles in the rocks. When security yells at us again we run to our room and spill all of our make up into the sink. We pile on the glitter, trade clothes out of our bags and ruffle our hair. We play dress up, adding accessories and extras until we feel like deranged Spice Girls so we can give the locals a show. We're gonna go to the casino and spend the rest of our cash on roulette chips to lose it all or win another day on the road. Cross your fingers, here we go...

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