Funk My Fone Kawaii DIY


The guys over at FunK My Fone hooked me up with the cutest cover for my new phone so I decided to spread the love by making my friend a custom cover from their iFace range.

Materials used:
  • Phone cover
  • Glitter, studs, cabochons, rhinestones, beads, buttons
  • Superglue
  • Tweezers
I really feel that if you're gonna have a phone cover, it might as well be ridiculous. Now I'm not proud of this but the first thing I did was cover the cover in glitter...just kidding, glitter is amazing and should be used on EVERYTHING. It's a good idea to corden off the sides with tape to avoid getting glitter or glue on them. After leaving the glitter to dry, I went glue crazy and added tons of little rhinestones, cabochons and studs. There are no rules, kawaii is supposed to be batshit insane and tacky. You can always go with a theme as my first emo additions show you but I like to just throw lots of different things on because it always just works. 

Tweezers are great for the little beads and hard to reach places but I got impatient and went for something I like to call a superglue manicure. I had it all over my hands because I'm badass like that. But seriously, try not to be like me, it's a pain to get off but luckily the sticking and glitter managed to exfoliate some of the dried glue off my hands so it all worked out in the end. Glam life. I was going to do my kitty cover but it was already *~super kawaii~* so I left it. Now, practicality wise, let me fill you in. This isn't my first rodeo, I covered my blackberry and lighter a while back and sent a photo to my friend...

A lot of my glued items were resilient and the more pressure I'd put on the items while gluing, the longer they stayed. I did toss the phone in my bag a whole bunch so the smaller items fell off from time to time but I'm talking pearls and round objects, flatbacks will not give you this problem. All in all, my cover remained in good shape and I was psyched. A little bead falling off won't kill your vibe and you can always do a little refresher. Totally worth people giving you surprised looks when you make super important calls. "WHAT?! Bitch I like Polly Pocket".

For awesome anti-shock covers with radiation-reducing technology, check out FunK My Fone. They also offer custom designs and screen protectors which are a must!

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