Good vibes


 Hair - Toni & Guy
Dress - Forever New
Ring - Sass Diva
Nails - Dante Express
Sandals - Accessorize

I'm feeling mellow in my tie dye and looking forward to long days and summer festivals. Since I switched to Toni & Guy products, my hair is looking and feeling better than ever so I took inspiration from their Hair Meet Wardrobe puffed out plait for this look.

Gut feelings, intuition, energies…seems kooky but when you’re receptive to them, they always turn out to be dead on. So many possibilities, choices, opportunities and experiences lie in front of us, we can’t even begin to comprehend all of them. We have no idea where we may end up or how quickly things can change. It’s exciting to be alive for every single one of us. Look to the future with hearts and eyes wide open. Every negative and positive can shape you beautifully. We're all a moment away from everything. Breathe, get ready, get set, go.

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