The Beauty Box


I gotta say, I love being a girl. I used to be this angsty little goth kid but I graduated from overdosing on eyeliner to full-on make up obsessed. I'm a highlighting and contouring monster who has too many lipsticks to count so you can imagine the state of my cosmetics collection. It was not pretty and I like things to be hella pretty. I longed for acrylic beauty cases ever since I saw them all over Pinterest. Luckily, when I visited Leigh/lipglossgirl's blog the other day, I set my sights on this Beauty Box. I could order online and get one here?! I had to buy it. Now my mom is hounding me to order one for her as well. I also got this cute lipstick organizer, I love that these products are made to fit together.

So here's the deal, you order from The Beauty Box, get your package, twist on these darling glass crystal knobs and voila! The box has five compartments with dividers for you to remove or arrange how you see fit. The bottom drawer is larger than the rest with an 'X' divider that I quite like for bigger products and the top pops open to display taller items. Perfection. I'm about to order another, total life changer of a product and well worth every penny. Check out to see all their items.

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