London Calling


Plaid shirt - Popkiller
Top - Gift
Shorts - The Lot
Ring - Sass Diva
Spiked cuff - Waterfront Craft Market
Socks - Topshop
Creepers - Bronx Shoes
 Nails - Dante Express
Hair - Toni & Guy 

Grimy nights and roughed up hair. I added just a dash of Toni & Guy's Sea Salt Texturising Spray to make mine more voluminous and messy. It's not 1977 anymore but the spirit of it is in the air. South African punks posing in Camden for beer money, thanks to them I know which hairsprays are mohawk friendly. You can't keep a subculture pure for more than a minute. Malcom McClaren was a stylist of sorts with the help of Vivienne Westwood and The Sex Pistols were cast as menacing peacocks, but it's the idea of a revolutionary attitude that really matters even if it was ironically sold to the masses. Lighting the fire within us was a beautiful mistake. You can't fake the feelings of the people who frequented the 100 Club or CBGBs and we're their children. We might grow up some day and realize that we're all nothin more than god damn trendy ass poseurs in conformist threads but I can promise you this: we'll never stop making trouble.

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