Jet Winter 2014


Last week I was in Joburg with the Cape Town fashion pack for the Jet Winter launch. We all enjoyed the show and I loved some of the scarves, jackets and blouses on display, not to mention that cute ushanka hat and glove combo I would wear tomorrow. With monochrome items, collegiate pieces, casual denim, a dash of pretty lingerie and lots of layering, Jet gave us affordable garments to face the upcoming chill, shown on one of South Africa's last summer days.

I know a lot of us are looking forward to the cold weather, I used to be terrible at layering but I think I'm getting better ;) See anything you like? I'm quite partial to the printed pants ensemble in the first photo - that's something I need to start experimenting with, prints! Wallet-friendly street wear is nothing to sniff at and unlike a few other brands' recognizable items, these key pieces will be able to work in a wardrobe for seasons to come, especially the monochrome ones. Also, I gotta say, some of the men's suits were awesome. Have a stylish winter everyone x

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