Ruby shoot - behind the scenes


Recently Ruby contacted me to take part in their new campaign and I couldn't wait to get to set! I absolutely love Ruby; they've made some of my favorite pretty (and comfy!) underwear, not to mention beautiful accessories - and if anyone knows me, they know that I drop most of my shopping money on those shiny things. Last month, a few of us bloggers were invited to choose an archetype and take part in a pamper session before shooting for their new range. First we went to Enmasse in Gardens for a Thai massage and tea (wowza that was an interesting but great experience haha!) and then I headed to Wembley Studios. I ate the most delicious red velvet cupcake before washing it down with champagne (insert MIA swaggin goin' swell gif here) and got to meet sweethearts Farrah (codename: siren), Cleo (AKA: Grecian goddess), Carlinn (pseudonym: wood nymph) and Judy (alias: champion of upcycling). I also got to catch up with Bailey (moniker: mermaid) and now I want a GoPro, check out her cute behind the scenes video here.

For my archetype I chose 'modern-day witch' and make up artist Jade Snell created a masterpiece. I'd worked with her before but this time we got to go crazy with make up, I'm talking blue glitter overdose and a third eye! I'm really into theatrical looks so I had a blast shooting. Let's talk about the jewellery for a second here, I wanted to go Winona and steal everything. They have beautiful crystal necklaces, dangly earrings that dreams are made of and a crescent moon necklace that I have to buy right. now.

Special thanks to Robyn, Kayla and the photography team for the Ruby Pamper and Pout experience! I can't wait to see the final images.

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