My eye make up must haves + beauty tutorial


While I was in LA, I did my huge Sephora shop and also stocked up on the latest drugstore beauty products. I wanted to share my favorite finds for a great night-time look. 

I've been searching for a great brow pencil for a while now but I couldn't find a good colour match, everything was either too dark or too brown, leaving me looking pretty weird. I even considered bleaching my brows, haha! I finally found my one true brow love in Anastasia Brow Wiz's Medium Ash. This brand is the best for brows and they ship to South Africa. They do a good job explaining the colours, of course it's best to test it out in-store but if you know your brows, you can order it here.

This dark circle concealer is PERFECT. It has a sponge-like applicator so it does the blending for you. Absolutely love it!

Urban Decay's Naked Palette has redefined eyeshadow for thousands of women, me included. Unfortunately the Naked 3 was sold out so I got the Basics Palette and came home to find a colour missing (bummer!). I have the colour in a previous Naked palette but that was quite a pain. Boo! 

These two products are from my main stash and they're solid. You can order Prep + Prime from M.A.C. locally like I did here, don't you love getting packages delivered to your door? As for Maybelline's Master Precise, it's a nice skinny pen which I need because thanks to childhood rough-housing with my brother, I have a scar on my left eyelid (you'll spot it later in the post), meaning that I have to apply it thinner on that lash line. I love liquid eyeliner, it's all I use up top.

My mom and I love trying out new mascaras so I bought L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly which has a great wand, it extends at the ends to coat those long outer lashes and it also works great on lower lashes as long as you work with it lightly. 

What follows is my step by step application.

Next I thought I would include an unedited as well as an edited image for comparison A.K.A. spot the pimples, haha! I think beauty posts should be beautiful but they also need to show the real results. All I've done in my edited image is add contrast to brighten the look and I also got rid of my blemishes, the same applies to the close-ups but the make up has always been left untouched so no burn tool to make lashes look better!

You might notice that for my complete look I also worked a little lip magic by using a great plumping product. I've got tiny lips and I want to do a tutorial soon to show you how amazing it is. All the lip tutorials I've seen online have girls with way better lips so I'd like to throw my hat in the ring for us small-lipped ladies. Till then, I hope you enjoyed this post!  

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