SFG X YDE - Goodbye girl


Dress - Dare at YDE
Earrings - Ruby at YDE
Bracelet - Lulu at YDE
Heels - Sexy With Attitude at YDE

If you're lucky enough to steal a little sun this winter, find a great dress and take the day by storm. Seasons change and mad things rearrange. It's been a week of farewells and going away parties while my friends all head up north. Goodbyes always remind me of how far away my family is. It can be difficult when everyone you love seems to be scattered across the globe but I say it just paves the way for exciting adventures. I'll save for plane tickets when the webcam chats won't suffice but until then, I've got work to do and memories to make right here. Distance can't kill strong bonds and space won't sever special ties. I'm keeping my head up and looking forward, we've all got journeys to go on and I'm confident that one day our paths will cross again. Till then, I'm learning languages on my laptop. Hasta luego mi amigos. 

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