SFG X YDE - Guessing games


Jacket - Romeo ★ Juliette at YDE 
Tee - X & O Everywear at YDE
Pants - Phenomena at YDE
Cuff - Lulu at YDE
Necklace - Ruby at YDE
Shoes - Sexy With Attitude at YDE

I like to watch the wind blow from a heated car, imagining the stories of all the passers-by. I've bundled up and put on armour for when I have to go outside. I shop in the men's section so that I don't have to steal his tees. Feelin fierce, feelin fiesty, I pop my collar with a small grin. Time has passed and I'm new, not the girl I used to be, the one who didn't know better. Today I'm embracing scepticism and observing very carefully. I've made my hair ice blonde so people don't suspect anything special is going on upstairs. I'll be hopelessly optimistic again in no time so it's good to date a detective state of mind. Regular Veronica Mars right here. I've got your number but I'll let you win again because there's one puzzle I haven't quite figured out yet, what to do when the game is over.  

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