SFG X YDE - Ultraviolence


Top - Bombshell at YDE
Necklaces - Ruby at YDE
Spike Bracelet - Lulu at YDE
Pants - Phenomena at YDE
Shoes - Sexy With Attitude at YDE

Lana Del Rey on repeat and taking to the streets. The music follows me, it dances in my head and swings into my steps. Blood red nails and a burgundy tank with black chains on the sides. I don't wear much colour but I have a feeling that my current affair with red is here to stay. 

I think too much, I feel too much and I want too much. I used to say I wouldn't have it any other way but when the days get grey, I might want to turn it off a little. Tonight I'll drink some wine and play cards. If things ever get too heavy, we can always go back to New York where the noise of the city drowns out our thoughts and the lights keep us warm.

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