Marianne Fassler

Craig Port


Stefania Morland



Gavin Rajah

Here's a look at some of the collections from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2014. I absolutely loved the Marianne Fassler bodysuit with a sheer pink triangle-print overlay. Those white chain sunnies are the perfect accessory - that look is everything! Craig Port's ladieswear was light, sweet and a little bit 20s featuring Neapolitan ice cream skirts, flower crowns and piled-on pearls. I'm really loving the dusty pink colour ways this season.

Shana brought us some glitzy pieces fit for parties with a generous helping of sparkles and quirky multicoloured spiked hair bands which I would have saved up for at Space Station circa early 2000s. Stefania Morland took us to Tokyo while keeping her signature dressy aesthetic and Lazuli kept things fresh with a sportswear-luxe attitude; they're shaping up to be a brand I love to look out for. Lo was interesting with scalloped dresses and helpings of texture here and there. Now we get to a little bit of controversy...

Gavin Rajah gets a lot of hate but he puts on a beautiful show. I recognised some of the designs as being similar to international collections but that didn't stop me from enjoying the show, I don't think it stopped many people actually - at one point, the entire room was so fixated and hushed that you could hear the models walking. The girls behind me were certainly enraptured.

'Copying' is a more difficult topic than you'd think and there's a hell of a lot to talk about before picking up a pitchfork while wearing a knock-off you might be unaware you've purchased. In a nutshell, I find it humorous that people profess to be on one side of an argument when they are courting the blurred lines themselves. Of course there are differences between wearing something from Zara and designers sending identical dresses down the runway but there's still a bit to discuss. If anyone wants to read more about what I think of fashion copyrights, let me know and I'll share my thoughts. For now, what I can say with confidence is that the technical work that goes into Rajah's outfits is astounding so he's definitely doing something right.

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