Markham FEDISA Fashion Flash 2014


Earlier this month, FEDISA presented their 2nd annual Markham Fashion Flash menswear show. The fashion design institution's 2nd years were briefed by the Markham team and divided into groups that would each focus on one Spring/Summer trend. The students then collaborated with each other to create capsule collections which included handmade accessories that impressed me - huge accessories girl over here!

Original prints, manipulated denim and delightful details kept the crowd on the events deck entertained, as well as live music from Mark and Gareth Haze. Students also showcased more avant-garde pieces in the 2nd half of the show where they played with knits and knots for a textural treat. There were three winning designs on the day and these students were awarded with prizes from Markham, including internships. First place went to Catherine McIntosh whose vibrant creation incited exclamations when her model revealed his blazer's edgy spine pleats. LOVE!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, seeing such creative menswear is so refreshing and I'm glad FEDISA is giving its students the opportunity to delve into this realm in 2nd year. It could inspire a new generation of South African menswear designers which is what our industry needs.  
Thanks to FEDISA for having me. I'd also like to congratulate every 2nd year lecturer and student on a job well done, talk about combining a mass of technical design skills into one assignment! I know how hard everyone at FEDISA works and I promise you, it's worth it. Well done and keep it up. You can check out more from the show on Facebook. 

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