I love taking photographs and like most people these days, I think it's important to document everything; a snapshot of what our life is like right now, what our latest fervent obsessions are and what our environment looks like. Things change so quickly and feelings fade much too fast. A photo transports us the same way a song or a fragrance does and all of sudden we're in touch with something so familiar that was once forgotten. We wonder how and when things got hazy. Given enough time, even the frivolous becomes symbolic. That cheap necklace we wore during the two years we were caught between laughter and heartache or our fascination with changing our hair as much as we changed our minds.

This is what my world looks like at the moment. Soft kimonos over everything, beautiful treasures from India, pretty packaging and hair experiments. I'm heavy into the 90s and it's funny how much cleaner and streamlined trends are the second time around. The kinks are all worked out and there's no clumsy evolution to navigate through. I'll do things like take a look at and dream of sporting a nose ring just as I did as a 90s kid but this time around, I'll settle for an ear cuff. I'm craving a weekend of online shopping and relaxing in baths with incense smoking nearby. Cheers to everything that's happening in my, and your world right now. Xx

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