When pale girls tan: TanOrganic


Summer is enjoying its swan song right now so I thought I'd talk about how to keep a little bit of it with you. I'm super pale and I really like my default skin. I also, however, like trying new things and I have never tried fake tan. I know, what? I was curious so I thought I'd give it a whirl and change up my look.

As I've said, I enjoy being pale so I wasn't looking to go full Oopma Loompa, I doubt anyone is but regardless, I wanted something subtle - a little radiant pick-me-up. I tried out the TanOrganic Tan Trilogy Try-Me kit which includes an exfoliating glove to ready your skin or erase your previous tan, a mitt to apply your new one, self tan spray and moisturising oil to lock in the tan when you're done.

You can gradually build up your tan and re-apply it as you see fit but being a novice I stuck to the "less is more" notion and I think it served me well. I think it's also better to apply a new layer every evening if you're looking to get a more sunkissed look. Using the kit was super easy and quick, though I did mess up a patch on the back of my leg which I rectified the next day XD

It takes eight hours to really develop and while I was quite dark at first, after my shower in the morning I was content. I loved the natural fade and the fact that I couldn't really smell much. I'm quite familiar with that fake tan smell from my years at fashion school, I remember one particular moment when someone yelled, "Oh my god, who is wearing fake tan? I can smell it!".

TanOrganic is also cruelty-free and lacks all that icky paraben business with 99.6% natural ingredients. I mashed up some pics I took before and after application to give you a good idea of how it came out. If you're interested you can shop the products online at http://www.tanorganic.co.za/ Xx.

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