Scary Arts Tattoo Experience


I absolutely love me some ink despite my indecisiveness. I've dreamed about what I want on the daily since I got my first tattoo many moons ago. My boyfriend, however, is a full-fledged fanatic who is always looking to add more body art and he's got a million ideas already so when I found Scary Arts on Instagram, I called my guy over to take a look.

Heath, the man behind Scary Arts, is a tattoo artist and piercer who recently moved to Cape Town. With very impressive line work and attention to detail, he enjoys collaborating on custom designs and is great with geometric pieces and mandalas. He's even dabbled in trendy watercolour and UV tatts so I was very keen to see him in action. Cue Thursday when I accompanied my boyfriend Marben to go get a new tattoo. 

Heath had already drawn up this kudu skull within a unicursal hexagram which resonated with Marben so after stencil placement, we were ready to go. Heath takes his craft very seriously and his light hand is something I look for since I like precise work. I've wanted to get something with a needle and thread for a while now but I've been concerned about finding the right artist because of how delicate the lines would have to be. Now I have no excuse! Marben's tattoo took about two hours and everyone was happy with the final result. 

If you're looking for a tattoo artist, I can tell you that Heath is great to work with because he loves what he does and he wants his client to be satisfied. He is currently working at Cape Coast Body Art Skin Emporium but rather contact him directly. You can check out Scary Arts at the following links: 

Scary Arts Website

Scary Arts on Facebook

Scary Arts on Instagram 

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