I've been having so much fun editing all of my Instagram photos with VSCO that I thought, instead of always lugging a camera around, why not edit some event pics with that app and share the snaps on my blog? I'm all about enjoying what I do these days so getting creative and having fun is the name of the game. 

On Thursday 23 March, I put on my favourite leather jacket and headed to the launch of the re-designed Diesel store at the V&A Waterfront. I've always been a fan of Diesel because their jeans, leather jackets and shoes are my vibe. I felt like I was with my people when I overheard someone say "It's an...interesting crowd." Hell yes it was! Gareth Doye was finishing up some tattoos on his clients in one corner while Edge For Men had set up a one-chair barber shop in the other - and between all of  the guests' different bright hair colours on display, every shade of the rainbow was accounted for. Whiskey, wine and a well-frequented photobooth made for a killer evening and chatting with media friends is always a pleasure.

Special thanks to 4Elementsmedia and Diesel for a top-notch event!

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