Halloween Queens


With Simone Munnik of RawExplosions.com
Photographs by Tegan Smith Photography
Make Up by Kirsten Cooper

T-Shirt & choker - Amazon.com
Shorts - Unif
Bag - Chanel
Boots - Zigi New York
Hair Colour by Verushka at Scar

All the creepy kids come out to play. Trick or treat, it's Halloween so let's break some hearts. Pink hair everywhere. Spiked crowns and sharp boots. She's a sugar skull queen, a vixen underneath all that sweet. I'm one of several Harleys at the party, looking for trouble in my smudged lipstick. Think you can take us? We like our boys with tattoos but hey, maybe a blue-eyed guy with a naughty smile will do. 

I'll go out and find myself in a stranger's sailor hat, talking to someone whose fake mustache keeps getting stuck to the bottom of his shoe. I'll knock my knee on the table and catch sight of blood mingling with my fishnet stockings while Sandy and Danny kiss in the corner. Scooby and Velma are showing everyone photos of the dog they're adopting next week. A pregnant Alice In Wonderland catches up with her skeleton friend. Kesha's Die Young blasts in the background and the bar is packed with witches and vampires trying to get a drink. Killer clowns run around scaring people and all of the Ninja Turtles are dancing. 

It's time to dress up and be someone else for a second, or maybe it's the most yourself you get to be all year. Fashion is fun and life is a party. You're all invited.

I finally got to meet Simone, a beautiful blogger I've been stalking on Snapchat. Don't you just love the internet? It brings together like-minded girls with a penchant for crazy hair and a passion for being creative. Simone is effortlessly cool and funny. I felt instantly comfortable in her presence and I'm so grateful to her because she helped me get inspired again. I was so excited by her idea for a collab and I'm really happy with how it turned out. We got a whole lot of stares and scored many smiles on the way to the shoot. It makes me wish Halloween happened more often. Check on Simone's blog, RawExplosions.com and follow her on Instagram @simonemunnik. Thanks to all the amazing girl crushes I got to work with on this shoot!

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