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MAC has a new collection of 28 eye-popping, jaw-dropping, hyper-pigmented matte shades in every colour a girl (or guy - hey I see you male beauty aficionados!) could dream of. MAC hit up your green-haired gal and I just love when a brand "gets" me. I'm either all about bright, vivid rainbows or complete goth darkness and Colour Rocker has both sides of the spectrum covered. No matter what complexion you have, you'll find something that pops perfectly on you.

MAC makeup artist, Clanelle Burger, gave me a closer look at the collection by working her magic to give me a moody ombre lip to match my hair. I LOVED the look so much that I even did a look post that will be live soon. Forget matching your nails to your lipstick, I say match your hair to it.

I took home 5 shades that I'm very happy to add to my arsenal; Instant Icon (bright baby blue), Into The Madness (bright lime green), Frosting (neutral white), Bunnybeams (pinked lavender-purple) and Gritty Girl (light cool brown). While I was in-store I also picked up some of that heavenly MAC Mineralize Skin Hydrating Mist - so great for priming dry skin.

Matte is where it's at, no matter your lip size. There's a universal idea that glossy is great for small lips because the shine can make them appear larger but gloss comes off so quickly, so I prefer to over-line my modest lips and rather add some powdered highlight in the center to make them look their best.

The Colour Rocker lipsticks are as wonderfully creamy as you've come to expect from MAC and although I do love a matte liquid lip, I find that matte lipstick is easier to re-apply on the go because it's not as drying. The pastel shades pack a surprising punch and the darker shades are positively dreamy. I'm already excited to experiment with looks built around the colours I have. I think my favourites so far are Bunnybeams, Instant Icon and Frosting. Frosting especially excites me because a white lipstick is very handy to have in your makeup kit; you can lighten up any colour, use it as highlight for a subtle ombre lip or even use it on your brow bone to give a great contrast to your eyeshadow.

The lipsticks are priced at R240 and you can shop all shades now at I've ordered with them before and they were lightning-fast with delivery.

Thanks to MAC South Africa, Kim Morton and Clanelle Burger for letting me play in the Colour Rocker world!

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