The Alchemy of Absinthe


Hair Colour - Verushka at Scar
Make Up - Clanelle Burger at MAC
Earrings - Lovisa
Choker - Lovisa
Sweater - Killstar
Skirt - YDE
Bag - Chanel
Tights - Topshop
Boots - Zando

I'm a sea witch. A moon worshipper. Tempestuous like the ocean. Full of magic like that moon. I was so free and happy that night, dancing like I was seventeen, making every evening Halloween, covered in fake blood, my eyes black and my lips green.

We're sitting on red velvet chairs when I take my hair down while he's talking and all of a sudden he can't finish his sentences between blushes and breathy laughs. Spellbound. I stole a glance at his feet to see whether they were pointing at me because I once heard that your body language spills all of your secrets. He knocks all sorts of things onto the floor and I smile; it's the potion.

Something always seems to melt when we're together. The candle wax is dripping through cracks in my glass table, drying itself stuck to the carpet below while we kiss. The hot sun is beating down on a massage bar to decorate my floor with glitter and oil while we sleep. I feel him twitch as he dreams of me and I'm at ease. Apples are too obvious but a sweet dessert still does the trick. I've got this fixed. I push him over the edge and watch him fall.

He's getting up now. How? I laugh nervously. I sip the elixir before I spy the label. It's not mine. I run out into the hallway. I try to break the glass in case of emergency and my allies block me, but this is an emergency and I want to feel the water rain down on me. I want to see if I can melt too because I think that's a better way for a witch to go than to be beaten at her own game and damn it...I just caught sight of his flame.

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