Halloween - Cross your heart and make 'em cry


Make up by Johan Funkster

Earrings - Killstar
Nun Costume - Dolls Kill
Lace Skirt - YDE
Cross necklace - Zuri
Trinity boots - Demonia

Come follow me. We're all sinners down here. You know how they say hell is empty? I've seen way too many devils in my time. The trick is, we see them all wrong. The treat is, once you see, the cleansing begins. Don't let the bloodletting scare you, it's natural. Those tears will dry and you'll never have closed eyes again. I will wear the red like warrior paint. Now they'll know that I have vision. I have crimson hands from years of exsanguination. Not mine of course but yours, oh boy. I grow stronger. I find tourniquets. Eventually the others are fully drained, architects of their own misfortune. I promise I had little to do with it.

I took the hard road. I walked through the fire to find freaks like me. There's a doll girl who plays a fair game. I fell in love with the skeleton boy whose head bleeds above my bed. The jack-o'-lantern always has vampires for me to meet. I so miss my witches up north with their faithful kitty cats. We seem like the scary ones sometimes because our rituals appear all too strange. We're just curious late bloomers who believe in magic. There's more than one plain to walk on, a whole realm is out there. Join us. You won't be sorry.

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