Coat and skirt - Topshop
Chain metal top - personal vintage collection

Oh you thoughts you got me
As if I wouldn't have a boyfriend a month later
Whose intellect would slit your throat
Without cleaning the blade

Oh you hads me pegged
As if I didn't delete my own messages
From someone who had better eyes
To devour my nuances

Oh you felts sorry for me
As if I didn't stare up at the ceiling
Wishing you weren't so mind-numbing
Replaying anyone else

Oh you wanteds to settle down
As if you weren't a sufficient heart to break
Because the drama was a bloodletting
And I was on fire

Oh you didn'ts think I had a plan
As if I was some sort of normal
Who didn't painstakingly set up the dominoes
Then prepare the poison

 Oh you knews I was crazy
As if you were even capable
Of something less boring than mediocrity
Or producing a good elixir

Oh yous yielded little return
As if I thought your corpse could carry me
To loving myself enough
To never even bother with charades

My mistake
But thanks
For being the penultimate toy to play with
Before I grew up

You couldn't even make the worst cut
But I guess
It doesn't take much
To top you

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