MAC Fix+ adds new members to the crew


One of the first "grown-up" make up products I ever got was a MAC Foundation. I still remember my shade: NC 15. Ahh pale as all hell, that's me. MAC has stayed on top of the game with their iconic, cult faves routinely espoused by the beauty community: Ruby Woo Lipstick, Mineralize SkinFinish, Whirl Lip Penicl and of course, what some might call the holy grail, Prep + Prime Fix Plus.

I'm a big fan of MAC sprays. I also love their Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist because I've got dry skin so I treat myself that that fine glittery water. The Fix Plus keeps my make up looking amazing so when I heard they were releasing new scents and finishes, I was all. aboard.

My BFF Michelle loved the Coconut scented finish because she's living her best life traveling in Asia and the more holiday vibes, the merrier. It was a close tie for me between Rose and Lavender but I've always been in love with that calming violet aroma. If violet had an aroma it would be Lavender, ok? One of the most exciting additions, however, is the Fix Plus Matte. Now, I was forgetful (lazy?) and didn't shake my bottle before I set my make up with it the other day and; don't do that. I ended up with little white powdery dots on my face because it's infused with translucent setting powder. Give it a shake like you're supposed to and it's smiles all round.

I've honestly never felt this beautiful or confident and you know what? It totally has to do with my relatively recent full-on make up obsession. Once I really got to know my face and what works for it, I started to feel like a goddess and I want every girl to feel like that. I love how women are taking back the beauty industry and subverting beauty norms but that's a whole other post.

Thanks to MAC for letting me play scientist by mixing my own custom setting spray with some dewy rose pigment. That's what my "Sheri" bottle is if you were wondering; good ole' Fix Plus with some added attitude. Hope you check these other beauties out!

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