SAFG X Urban Decay - All Treats and No Tricks


Highlight and inner corners - UD Vice Special Effects in White Lie

Unzip my eyes so I can see. The ritual gets more perverse every year. A fashion demon with multitudes within me. I took my broken heart and turned it into art. So many years of pain and suffering just made me more interesting. I can feel deeper than I've ever been able to and I can show you what's underneath my smile; more feelings than I can give names to. I'm a work in progress, always stitching and embellishing the outsides to match the inside. I'm never finished and I never will be, even after my heart stops beating and my lungs expire, I will unwrap my soul and start again. 

I was so looking forward to challenging myself this Halloween because I usually focus on fashion and this time around, I wanted to really experiment with make up. This look took about 2 hours in total, using only Urban Decay make up, some eyelash glue and my old fashion school supplies. I was especially excited to use my perversion felt-tip eyeliner pen to create those sharp wings and stitches. It was so fun to get creative even though I wasn't sure what I was going to do at first. I swiped on the lipstick and it just evolved from there. With just a little bit of effort, you can transform yourself at the last minute.

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