Superbalist Top 5 Denim Cuts


If you know me, you know I'm really picky when it comes to pants. The thing is, winter is upon us and it's time for your girl to get some new jeans. I haven't bought any in a minute and I'm not about that pants try-on life TBH. I love the internet and how it affords me the option to stay home, home is warm and I need new jeans without going out to get them, you feel?

While I'm stocking up, I've partnered with Superbalist to show you my 5 favorite picks. Whatever style you like, I've got you covered.

Sexiest Skinnies

Skinny jeans remind me of rock 'n roll. I just think of rockstars in black skinnies trashing guitars and kicking over mic stands. They're an amazing key item that I share with my fiancé but you know what? I need my own pair ASAP. This sexy lace-up pair has cute eyelets that are slimming to the eye, so it's double the skinny IMO. Yes, please. 

 Best Boyfriend Jeans

Speaking of my fiancé, he only recently got that title, however, fiancé jeans just don't have the same ring to it but I digress. When I think of boyfriend jeans, I actually think of my friend Demet because she is a pro at the boyfriend jean. I could totally see her wearing these and I can see myself wishing I could pull them off as effortlessly as she does. I honestly think it's about confidence. I'd add a heel but if I felt cool enough to pull it off, I'd love to do flats and a simple striped tee with this. 

Staple Straights

Here's a classic pair of straights that are comfier than skinnies but still keeps it chic. It's the perfect staple for your wardrobe. I love a dark navy jean that fits well and I tend to have better luck finding a straight-cut more so than other styles. I have some hips going on but my legs are longer than most clothing manufacturers predict with my hip size for some reason. Straights like these are generally bang-on for me.

Milf Mom Jeans

This cut is so underrated ok? The mom jeans of today are kind to the booty and keep that waist cinched. Forget what you thought you knew, this pair speaks for itself. I love slashes on jeans despite the jokes some of the men in my family would make about them. Don't we all have a dad or grandpa who makes a remark about a cat getting hold of them? Well, you know what gramps? That cat knew what he was doing. 

Hot High-Waisters

Let's take it back to the early 90s with a little acid wash but ditch the hip-widening of the late 90's low-rise. Aaah, perfect. High-waist is my all-time favorite cut because it opens up my wardrobe options. Crop top? No problem. Sweater? Sure. Everything goes with this cut, tucked-in or not. I'm a fan of the half-tucked look myself because I love the soft grunge style it evokes. Combine that with my love for 90s grunge music and you get these babies. 

So there you have it! Most of these jeans are on sale too. Want an even sweeter deal? Download the Superbalist app for iOS or Android and you can get R250 off your first buy of R600 or more. If you remember my last Superbalist post I thought I'd share with you that the deep-v bodycon red dress has served me well, it's like it was tailored for my body. Happy shopping! 

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